Call for Abstracts

Lupus Academy: 10th Annual (Virtual) Meeting
ePoster Development and Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your ePoster abstract submission for the Lupus Academy’s 9th Annual (Virtual) Meeting. Following review by our meeting Co-Chairs we are pleased to inform you that your ePoster has been selected for online presentation.

Posters (and accompanying 2-minute audio presentation) must be developed in line with the following guidelines and submitted by the deadline of 2nd April 2021. Presenters of the best 5 posters, will be asked to present their poster as part of the core online programme, including participation in live question and answers.

The virtual format for Lupus Academy’s 10th Annual (Virtual) Meeting will include posters accompanied by a 2-minute audio file in a pre-recorded presentation.

Poster Format: Your poster should be provided in landscape (horizontal) format as a PDF file. There are no specific dimensions, as this is an ePoster, and users will be able to download the poster and zoom in/out for optimal viewing. Please, however, ensure the content is clear, easy to find (ie. use section, figure and table headings) and is supported by references and acknowledgement of the content/evidence source. Tips on creating an ePoster can be found here.

Audio Presentation: Your poster must be accompanied by a 2-minute audio recording of you presenting your poster as you would at a live congress. Audio presentations should be provided as an MP3 file, using “LA10_FirstInitial_LastName” as the file name.

Audio Presentation Tips–Before you record:

  • Prepare what you are going to say. Rehearse and script if needed, this will help you ‘get it right’, quickly
  • Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted, mute your phone and computer. Please review your recording before submitting it

Contact Information: Please include your email address on your poster for attendees to refer to with any questions/comments.

Commercial balance: Your poster content should present an objective/balanced review of any treatment approaches you choose to mention. Poster presentations must not contain commercial logos or brand or proprietary drug names. Hospital logos are permitted.

Poster Content: Where relevant, please be clear if any agents or techniques you describe are still experimental, or whether they are approved in your country, by the EMA, FDA, etc. Ensure you make it clear to the learners which options are currently considered to be best clinical practice, and their standing in national or international guidelines.

ePoster Deadline: First authors should submit their poster (PDF) and 2 minute audio presentation (MP3) to Nicole Elzebroek by 2nd April 2021.

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