The Lupus Academy is a not-for-profit, independent medical education initiative led by a group of globally-recognised experts in lupus. It is funded through multiple grants, sponsorships and delegate registration fees.

Mission Statement

The Lupus Academy is a long-term initiative committed to improving patient outcomes in systemic lupus erythematosus and allied diseases. By providing a highly interactive educational forum, the Lupus Academy is dedicated to sharing best clinical practice through the dissemination and discussion of cutting edge scientific and clinical research.

You can find a short history of the Lupus Academy and an overview of activities in this document: About Lupus Academy

Lupus Science & Medicine
Lupus Science & Medicine is the official journal/publishing partner of Lupus Academy

Lupus Academy is a not-for-profit educational foundation with its office in The Netherlands, RSIN 851342097.


Financial and in-kind support is only accepted on a strictly “hands-off” basis, where the supporting companies do not have any control or influence over the planning, content, speaker selection or execution of educational activities. Support is received as educational grants, sponsorship, donations or in-kind, and where used, clearly identified.



Mailing Address
Stichting Lupus Academy Foundation
Att. Secretariat
Maasdijk 409
4264 AS Veen
The Netherlands