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In 2022 Lupus Academy also launched its own podcast. Our host, Raquel Faria, is an Internal Medicine Specialist at the Centro Hospitalar in Porto. In this podcast she will talk with experts from the Lupus Academy’s Steering Committee about highlights of congresses, they will discuss difficult cases and we will have an episode where we review all the exciting things that have been happening in lupus in the year. You can listen to this podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast or wherever you listen to podcasts! All episodes will also be available here.

The Lupus Academy has been providing accredited education for healthcare professionals since 2012 and with this podcast we plan to provide you with regular updates in the field of lupus, which we hope you will enjoy wherever you are listening! Join us for a new episode at the end of every month. You can also follow us on Twitter @lupusacademy and other social media.

Season 3, Episode 18: Lupus Year in Review: 2023
Season 2, Episode 17: Experts Insights from ACR 2023
Season 2, Episode 16: Clinical Cases: Pseudoinfective Endocarditis and Overlap Syndrome in SLE
Season 2, Episode 15: Educational highlights: 12th Annual Meeting of the Lupus Academy
Season 2, Episode 14: Case Conundrums: Catastrophic APS and infection in SLE
Season 2, Episode 13: Expert Insights from EULAR 2023
Season 2, Episode 12: Case conundrums: CLE and Lupus Nephritis
Season 2, Episode 11: Expert Insights from Lupus and KCR 2023 in Seoul
Season 2, Episode 10: Patient perspectives in lupus
Season 2, Episode 9: Identifying CNS manifestations in SLE
Season 2, Episode 8: Case conundrums: Bleeding
Season 2, Episode 7: Managing cases of nephritis, and infection and flare in patients with lupus
Season 2, Bonus Episode 6: Lupus: Experts Review 2022
Season 2, Episode 5: Expert Discussion: Lupus at ACR
Season 1, Episode 4: Expert insights from the 13th European Lupus Meeting
Season 1, Episode 3: Which biologic is best for early lupus polyarthritis?
Season 1, Episode 2: How would you manage refractory lupus and distinguish infection from flare?
Season 1, Episode 1: SLE highlights from EULAR 2022


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