11th Annual Meeting of the Lupus Academy
The live meeting has ended but you can still sign up for Catch Up Sessions.

Please select ‘Virtual participation only’ and complete payment if you wish to have access to all plenary sessions of the meeting including Q&A and panel discussions.

Meeting Package

Lupus Academy aims to provide global education at the lowest cost possible for participants. We only request a small contribution to cover direct individual cost.

Further information on packages  
Early Bird Late Registration
Attending live in Florence From 1 March 2022
Physicians EUR 135 EUR 175
Fellows / Residents * EUR 75 EUR 115
Other health professionals EUR 95 EUR 135
Industry EUR 175 EUR 215
Virtual participation ** EUR 25 EUR 35
* Please provide a letter from your institute confirming your position and send it to within 10 days.
** The pre-meeting session as well as 3 plenary sessions are live streamed in which you can participate actively. Access to all recorded plenary sessions including Q&A after the event. Workshops are not available.


This year we offered the opportunity to include a bedroom booking at the Hilton Florence Metropole hotel with your meeting package considering the hotel’s immediate surroundings do not offer other accommodation. Public transport into the center of Florence is very limited, whereas the meeting hotel offers a regular shuttle for in house guests only. At this time, booking through our website is no longer possible. Please check directly with the hotel if a bedroom is still available: link to Hotel Website.


On the 9th of April parallel workshops have been scheduled which are repeated in the afternoon, giving you the opportunity to attend two different workshops.

I would like to attend the following workshop(s):

Cancellation and Privacy policy

Meeting packages are fully refundable, minus 15 EUR administration costs, until 15th February 2022. After this date, meeting packages are non-refundable with the exception of bedroom costs. If we are able to resell your bedroom, you will get those costs refunded. This arrangement applies until 20th March 2022 from which time no refunds are possible. Name changes are free of charge until 1st April 2022. After this a 10 EUR change fee applies.



Mailing Address
Stichting Lupus Academy Foundation
Att. Secretariat
Maasdijk 409
4264 AS Veen
The Netherlands