Useful Information

The virtual meeting website is

Useful Information

The 10th Annual Meeting of the Lupus Academy will be held virtually from 16-18th April 2021 with early sessions being held on 6, 9 and 12th April. Pertinent information can be found on this page.

Meeting Programme
The virtual meeting programme is available on this website, the format of the programme delivery and presentation times have been adapted to ensure participants globally can benefit from the most interactive elements of the programme. Please follow this link for the full programme.

On the 17th of April 5 parallel workshops have been scheduled early morning which are repeated late afternoon, giving you the opportunity to, depending on where you participate, attend at least one and potentially two different workshops.

Meet the Editor
In collaboration with Lupus Science and Medicine and the Lupus Foundation of America, Ronald van Vollenhoven will be holding a Meet the Editor session, where you can gain valuable insights into getting your research published. Publishing cases/participant experiences may be discussed.

Call for Abstracts
Poster abstracts must be relevant to the field of lupus research and medicine. Applicants must be specialists in training or allied healthcare professionals with research or medicine focused on lupus. We are accepting original research and case study topics, relevant to lupus, and encourage submissions describing the challenges faced in the clinic by the multidisciplinary team. For more information, please follow this link.

Thieves Market – Call for Cases
Lupus Academy is inviting you to share your most interesting case studies with physicians participating in the 10th Annual Meeting of the Lupus Academy’s’ inaugural “Thieves’ Market” Session. Each Lupus Academy registrant can submit one case, which will be reviewed by Lupus Academy faculty. Each case should include a brief introduction and summary for presentation purposes. Cases are selected for oral presentation and winners will be awarded a prize from the Lupus Academy. Please follow this link for instructions.

Technical Information
On our dedicated meeting website you can find all pertinent technical information relating to the virtual technology we will be using for the different sessions, how to interact (voting, workshop discussions and Q&A), settings and other requirements.

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