Chairmen’s Welcome

Dear Friends and Colleagues

On behalf of the Lupus Academy Steering Committee, we are delighted to welcome you to the Lupus Academy website, your gateway to information about lupus and our educational activities.

Education development is currently underway for our 10th Annual Meeting. The virtual meeting programme is available on our website and includes three sessions, which will take place 6th, 9th and 12th April 2021, followed by our main Annual Meeting 16–18th April 2021.

The Lupus Academy’s educational activities are funded by registration fees, multiple financial supporters and educational partners, to whom we are grateful in enabling us to provide the lupus community with the education needed to continually improve patient outcomes.

The Lupus Academy has been committed to improving education in lupus since 2012 and, now in 2021, promises to deliver many more insights into cutting edge developments in lupus research and clinical practice. We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us online and at our 10th Annual Meeting where we will deliver another exceptional educational programme that will enrich clinical your practice and treatment of patients with lupus.

On behalf of the Lupus Academy Steering Committee
With kind regards,

Richard Furie and Zahir Amoura
Lupus Academy Annual Meeting Chairmen 2021

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