Meeting Programme

Meeting Programme

Preliminary programme will be available later this month.

Meeting Schedule

16th April 2021
Keynote: Management of lupus nephritis with and without novel add-on therapy
Debate: Drug Deescalatiion in Remitted SLE Patients: Which Drugs, When to Deescalate and in What
Plenary I: Therapies for Optimal Managment of SLE (3 Talks)
Plenary II: Lessons From Other Inflammatory Diseases (4 Talks)
17th April 2021
Hot Topics: Complement Symposium (4 Talks)
Workshops (4 Workshops Repeated Twice)
Hot Topics: Year in Review (2 Talks)
Thieves Market (3 Cases)
18th April 2021
Plenary III: Interferon Symposium (4 Talks)
Plenary IV: Diagnostic Challenges (2 Talks)
Poster Session (5 Talks)
Roundtable: Treatment Decisions (4 Talks)
Highlights and Q&A Session

Educational Learning Objectives: Lupus Academy 10th Annual Meeting (2021)

The Lupus Academy’s 10th Annual Meeting programme will focus on current key issues in lupus clinical practice and is designed to facilitate improved understanding of these issues and their management through both didactic lectures and shared clinical insights through case study workshops. At the end of the programme delegates should be able to:

  • Explain best diagnostic approach and novel therapeutic options for the optimal management of patients with lupus nephritis
  • Describe how drug de-escalation strategies work and how these translate into improved clinical outcomes for patients with SLE
  • Discuss the role of complement in SLE and specific manifestations of lupus and allied diseases
  • · Describe recent developments in novel treatment options and optimising treatment strategies for the management of SLE
  • Demonstrate practical implementation of case-based learning strategies in diagnosis and treatment of cutaneous lupus, lupus nephritis, paediatric SLE, and pregnancy and SLE
  • Demonstrate understanding of the scientific and clinical implications of COVID-19 for patients with SLE
  • Explain the role of interferon and use of interferon inhibition in the future management of SLE
  • Describe diagnostic challenges in different manifestations including antiphospholipid syndrome and lupus nephritis
  • Discuss unsolved issues in SLE impacting treatment decisions with vaccines, cancer therapies and aspirin

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